Lyrical, Modern, & Contemporary

Lyrical, Modern, & Contemporary

3 Episodes

Let the music dictate your movement, express yourself, and show the world your interpretation!

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Lyrical, Modern, & Contemporary
  • Emily - "The Time Is Now" - Contemporary - Level 2

    Episode 1

    This contemporary flow will help you be more versatile with your dancing, as well as portray a wide range of movement styles and emotion. Let go and flow with Emily for a stress relieving combo perfect for those who need a healthy release! Beginner - Level 2

  • KoKo - "Old Pen" - Lyrical - Level 1

    Episode 2

    This calming and grounding routine will help you connect with your emotions. Koko will teach you how to use body weight shifts and reaches to communicate through movement!
    Beginner - Level 1

  • Emily crouch - "Body of Water" - Contemporary - Level 3

    Episode 3

    Emily's contemporary class will focus on achieving fluid movements,┬ácontinuity, and flow. Let your body & mind float freely... ­čîÇIntermediate - Level 3