Samba - Beginner To Advanced

Samba - Beginner To Advanced

Learn to Samba! In this playlist, you will find all of our Samba classes organized by level from beginner to advanced. Learn from a variety of Dance & Co teachers, drill the technique, lose yourself in the grooves, master footwork, bounce action, iconic steps like Batucadas, arm styling and so much more. Are you ready to get started? Hit play! ▶️

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Samba - Beginner To Advanced
  • Katya - Samba Drills & Combo - Level 3

    This fun Samba class compiles both drills and a combo! Katya helps you focus on the lower abs and back muscles which are crucial to proper samba action. Let's get to it! 💪💃

  • Val - Samba & Salsa Rhythm - Level 3

    In this class, Val teaches you how to develop your sense of rhythm and musicality. This class is a fundamental building block in your dance education and will help you further advance your skills! 🎶👏
    Intermediate - Level 3

  • Kateryna - "Rayitos De Sol" - Flamenco X Samba - Level 3

    Take a trip to Spain and then Brazil with Katya's worldly choreography! 🇪🇸🇧🇷 First, we Flamenco to the mesmerizing sounds of a Spanish guitar, then we bounce to the rhythm of the Samba drums at Carnival! 
    Intermediate - Level 3

  • Maks, Peta, Val & Jenna - Samba For Everyone - Level 3

    It's a family affair and everyone's invited! Maks, Peta, Val & Jenna got a sexy Samba routine with dynamic rhythms, fluid body action, and lots of expression that you're going to love! 💖Each of them break down the steps and add their personal style so you'll have four ways to express yourself! 

  • Val & Jenna - "La Rey de la Selva" - Samba - Level 3

    Val & Jenna are here to spice up your week with this sexy Samba routine! 🔥You'll get to explore bounce action, learn to develop your own style, and make the routine your own! Level 3

  • Maks & Peta - "Anita" - Samba Level 3

    Join Maks & Peta on a trip straight to Rio de Janeiro with this fun and sexy Samba routine! 🌴This is a great routine for those wanting to work on syncopation, bounce action, and hip action! Can be done with or without a partner! 
    Intermediate - Level 3

  • Katya - Samba Hip Shakes - Level 3.5

    Hip shakes, "coca rolas," and more! You'll be feeling the burn after this one, so get ready to sweat, shimmy, and shake with Katya! 
    Intermediate - Level 3.5

    Song: "Farra" (Instrumental) - LU-ni - Sound Epidemic

  • Kiki & Koko - "Pronto Vamo a Llega" - Samba - Level 3.5

    Fast footwork, free hips and groovy musical interpretation is all this class is about. Take this Intermediate - Level 3.5 class with So You Think You Can Dance's Kiki & Koko!

  • Kiki & Koko - Samba "Chauffa" - Level 3.5

    Kiki & Koko are coming at you in 4K with a rhythmical & sexy Samba. You will work on bounce, body action, footwork, and styling with this high energy combo. 🔥
    Intermediate - Level 3.5

    Song: Amaroo - "Chauffa"

  • Val - "My Way" - Samba - Level 4

    This flamin' hot Samba routine will have you working hard with a smile on your face. Get ready to sweat because this class combo pieces together all the main elements of the Samba to a rhythmic, dynamic beat! 🎶 
    Advanced - Level 4

    Music: "My Way" by Latin Pop 2 Extreme Music

  • Kiki & Koko - "Casualidad" - Samba - Level 4

    Let's get moving, grooving, and improving with this fun and sharp Samba combination. We recommend taking Kiki & Koko's Samba Technique class (see class above) before so you can jump in ready to kill it!  
    Advanced - Level 4

    Song: "Casualidad" By Nei Nei

  • Val & Jenna - Samba "Carolina" - Level 4

    Take your Samba to the next level! 📈
    Val and Jenna are back with a sexy routine that covers dynamic footwork, bounce action, syncopation, booty rolls, and a lot more! 🔥

    Music: Yung D3mz - Carolina

  • Val - Samba "Cinnamon Jam" - Level 4

    Val is back with a dynamic Samba that'll add a little cinnamon spice to your day. Get ready for a Samba workout that'll have you sweating head to toe! ADVANCED - LEVEL 4

  • Val & Jenna - "Psycodelic" - Samba Combo - Level 4

    Val and Jenna are here to Samba! Bounce, hip action, strong accents and styling make this a well rounded and fast paced routine to challenge beginners and inspire achievers! They cover technical elements while keeping it fun and loose! Advanced - Level 4

  • Brandon - Samba Groove "Coqueta" - Level 4

    Brandon brings you a fun Samba Fusion combo with some Hip Hop, Jazz, & Afro vibes! This routine will encourage you to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and define your own personal dance style. Let's get to it!