45 Minutes

45 Minutes

Need a quick workout or dance class? In this playlist, you will find all of our Dance & Fitness classes that are 45 minutes and under! Dance and workout with a variety of Dance & Co teachers even on your busiest days! Are you ready to get started? Hit play! ▶️

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45 Minutes
  • Katya - Fiery Paso Doble - Level 2

    Based on passionate Spanish bull-fights, the Paso Doble is a dramatic and theatrical dance that features beautiful body shapes, & flamenco-like footwork & arm styling! 🔥

  • Maksimum Fitness - Legs & Booty - All Levels

    Back by popular demand, Maks & Peta's Legs & Booty Fitness is a fun, quick, and effective class that'll tone your butt, thighs and core muscles. BONUS: Strap on some ankle weights for an extra burn! 🔥

  • Val - Funky Cha Cha "New Tattoo" - Level 4

    Cha Cha is fun, flirtatious, and playful...just like this routine you're about to learn! Get your dancing shoes on and join Val on the dance floor for this lively combo! 🕺

  • Katya - Rumba Drills & Combo - Level 2

    Katya takes you through some Rumba drills to develop your leg action in coordination with your body action.💥Then you will jump into a short combo thats perfect for developing your technique further and strengthening your dance muscles! BEGINNER - LEVEL 2

    Music: "Suppose We Kissed" - Lennon Hutt...

  • Val & Jenna - Samba "Carolina" - Level 4

    Take your Samba to the next level! 📈
    Val and Jenna are back with a sexy routine that covers dynamic footwork, bounce action, syncopation, booty rolls, and a lot more! 🔥

    Music: Yung D3mz - Carolina

  • Katya - Jive "Runaway Train" - Level 2.5

    Warm up your ankles and calfs in the first half of this class then jump right into a fun combo. Katya's Jive emphasizes lightning fast feet, sharp turns, and playful kicks. There is no better cardio workout in the ballroom dance world! 💕

    Music: Runaway Train - The Elloqu...

  • Katya - Cha Cha "Corazon" - Level 3

    Get ready to dance your heart out! This fun Cha Cha routine focuses on body movement and rib action. As always there will be plenty of practice to music and helpful tips along the way! ✨

    Music: "Bailar con mi corazón" - Telmo Telmo - Epidemic

  • Sofia - Salsa Arm Styling - Level 1

    Don't know what to do with your hands? THIS is the class for you! Sofia shows you multiple combinations of Salsa arm styling so you never have to think twice about it! 💅

  • Taylor - Feels On Heels - Level 1.5

    Unleash your Feminine side and discover a new alter ego with this "Feels on Heels" class. Taylor takes you through steps focused on story-telling and emotional release that will leave you feeling inspired, energized, confident, and connected to your Feminine power! 💥

    Song: "...

  • Sofia & Ezra - Latin Grooves "Enamorado" - Level 3

    Sofia & Ezra have a fun & fresh latin groove that you can do anywhere with anyone! Dance up a storm in the kitchen or the club with this combo. Intermediate - Level 3

  • Katya - Samba "Stadium Nights" - Level 3

    Liven up any day of the week with Katya's Samba combo! Practice your Voltas, Batucadas, and Promenades with this fun fast-paced routine! 🦚

  • Maks & Niels - 30 Min Legs & Booty Burn

    Join Maks & Niels for a 30 minute targeted workout to get your legs and glutes going! This class can be done by anyone, Maks & Niels kept it beginner friendly. Level 1

  • Janaya - Jazz Fitness - "10 Feet" - All Levels

    This jazz fitness class will focus on your legs! Janaya will get your heart-rate up, burn out the legs, and practice moves that really stay into the floor! Meet us on the dance floor! 👏📈
    Song: "10 Feet" Daxten Remix By Curio

  • Jenna - "Cha Cha Un Dos" - Cha Cha Level 4

    Let Jenna take your Latin to the next level with a quick, sharp, and precise Cha Cha! This class is all about strong leg action, sexy styling, and feminine power. Get ready to sweat and feel good! Intermediate Level 4

  • Val - Jumpin' Jive Fitness - All Levels

    This high energy Jive Cardio combo takes traditional Jive moves and kicks them into high gear. Pun intended! Your calfs, glutes, hamstrings, quads, and core are going to hate you first, but thank you later! Let's Jive! 🕺
    All Levels

  • Janaya - Basic Ballet Technique - Level 1

    The ultimate Barre Technique starter pack! 🩰Janaya guides you though a nice and simple barre practice. Use this class to promote muscle memory through repetition.  Beginner - Level 1

  • Maksimum Vibes - Disco Groove - Level 2

    Saturday Night Fever ANY NIGHT OF THE WEEK! 🥵🌡Enjoy some Disco Grooves, and pick up some iconic moves with your favorite dancing brothers! Beginner - Level 2

    Song: Mirrorball - Extreme

  • Emily - "The Time Is Now" - Contemporary - Level 2

    This contemporary flow will help you be more versatile with your dancing, as well as portray a wide range of movement styles and emotion. Let go and flow with Emily for a stress relieving combo perfect for those who need a healthy release! Beginner - Level 2

  • Jon & Oksana - "Tiki Tiki" - Salsa Basics - Level 1

    This salsa basics class can be done with or without a partner! This fun routine is made up of basic salsa moves so you can practice your fundamentals. You'll be grooving to the beat in no time! Beginner - Level 1

  • Robert Green - "Want 2 Want U" - Dancehall Hip Hop Fusion - Level 4

    We're bringing you to the club with this blend of hip hop, Afro-Caribbean, and dancehall vibes! This fresh new class will take you out of your comfort zone with its fun fast paced choreography! Intermediate - Level 4 

  • Maks & Peta - Cha Cha Footwork - Level 1.5

    This class offers you an in-depth look at Cha Cha footwork technique. Join Maks & Peta to get your Cha Cha in shape! 💃🕺
    Beginner - Level 1.5

    Song: "No Way Jose"

  • Maks & Val - Maksimum Vibes: Teenage Dance Party - Level 1

    Soulful guitar and deep bass make this vibe one of the smoothest and sexiest yet! Dim the lights, set the mood, and get ready to ride off into the sunset with the Chmerkovskiy brothers! 💛🧡🕺 
    Beginner - Level 1

    Song: "Teenage Dance Party" By Extreme Music
    Beginner - Level 1

  • BoyBoi W/ Saya - "Ga$Money" - Hip Hop Grooves - Level 4

    Join Boyboi & Saya for a hip hop routine that combines fun choreography, strong arms and an upbeat pace. Intermediate - Level 4

  • Emily - Modern & Contemporary Fusion - Level 3

    Emily takes you through several technical elements & concepts of modern and contemporary dance. Through this class you will explore musicality, emotion, and texture that can be applied to any style of dance! ✨
    Intermediate - Level 3