Hip Hop & Grooves

Hip Hop & Grooves

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SELECT LEVEL FROM DROPDOWN MENU BELOW: Hip Hop is one of the most popular musical & dance genres with many styles & flavors! With powerful and accentuated body actions and rhythms, its all about confidence and energy!

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Hip Hop & Grooves
  • Taylor - Hip Hop "New Day" - Level 3

    Episode 1

    A combo you can practice while brushing your teeth or drinking water, no really, the moves are your morning routine revitalized! Join Taylor for a unique Hip Hop combo that'll have you excited to hop out of bed! ☀️

  • Niels - "Where R U" - Hip Hop Groove - Level 3

    Episode 2

    Welcome to Niels' Smooth Moves Hip Hop Groove! This routine is set to slower RnB music, its soulful, sexy, sensual and will have you feeling yourself by the end of it! 💯 Try it out, you know you want to! 🔥
    Intermediate - Level 3

    Music: "Where R U" By King Sis

  • Teddy & Koko - "Cinnamon" - Funky Movement - Level 3

    Episode 3

    In this funky movement class, Koko & Teddy encourage you to let go, groove to the music, and have fun. The choreography is laid back, and the main focus of this class is for you to discover new moves that feel great and you can use at your next party! 🎶 🎶 Intermediate - Level 3

    Music: They calle...

  • Teddy - Unobscured - Grooves Combo - Level 4

    Episode 4

    A fun and funky groove that  incorporates commercial dance with a slight quirk to it. Learn some new moves you can easily keep in your repertoire for parties! 🕺🎊
    Advanced - Level 4

    Music: Unobscured - By Sound Epidemic

  • Nick - Tropical Vacay Groove - Level 3

    Episode 5

    Grab some sunscreen and a mojito, we're taking you to the sandy beaches of Tulum! 🌺🌴This funky groove will have you feeling like you're on vacation, minus the stress of making your connecting flight! ✈️ A win win! 🙌
    Intermediate - Level 3

    Song: "Dayglo" By Molife

  • Niels - "How I Like It" - Hip Hop Groove - Level 3.5

    Episode 6

    Translate music through moves with this feel-good Hip Hop routine. 🎶🕺 Ditch the pen and paper and learn how to story-tell through dance! ✍️
    Intermediate - Level 3.5

  • Koko & Kiki - "Wants & Needs" - Funk - Level 3

    Episode 7

    Kiki & Koko are blending old school with new school to bring you this funky groove that JUST FEELS GOOD! If you want to get your mood right and energy up, just hit play, learn the combo, and POOF!...the vibe is right! 😁✨
    Intermediate - Level 3

  • Nick - "Socialite" Baga Grooves - Level 3

    Episode 8

    Nick Baga is back with another upbeat & uplifting groove! This high energy combo is all about feeling good and letting loose. Get ready to let go and as the lyrics say...."Who cares what the people think!" 🙌
    Intermediate - Level 3

  • Kiki & Koko - "Favela Riddim" - Freestyle - Level 4

    Episode 9

    This is a fast paced and high energy combo that blends various popular styles, including latin, hip hop, and house. This class is a good way to grow out of your comfort zone, and you'll get a good cardio workout in the process. Practice makes perfect! ✨
    Advanced - Level 4

  • Koko - "Nasi Goreng" - Hip Hop Groove - Level 4

    Episode 10

    A high energy, rhythmical Hip Hop groove with the brilliant Koko Iwasaki. 🎶👏This energizing and up-beat routine is a fun way to break up your week and get out of your comfort zone! 
    Advanced - Level 4

  • BoyBoi W/ Saya - "Ga$Money" - Hip Hop Grooves - Level 4

    Episode 11

    Join Boyboi & Saya for a hip hop routine that combines fun choreography, strong arms and an upbeat pace. Intermediate - Level 4

  • Robert Green W/ Cliff - "Psycho Lover" - Urban Flow - Level 3.5

    Episode 12

    Robert Green & Cliff are back this week with an Urban Flow class. Get in touch with yourself and your body through the routine. This class is full of soul and spirit, you will learn to move your body to an R&B groove and explore self-expression.  Intermediate - Level 3.5

  • BoyBoi & Saya - "Sugar & Spice" - Street Jazz - Level 4

    Episode 13

    BoyBoi & Saya are here to challenge you to be your absolute best! This combo of Sugar & Spice is a blend of hip hop & jazz aka "Street Jazz", with big movements, fast footwork, body action, and dynamic rhythms! It's an upbeat and fierce routine but BoyBoi breaks it down thoroughly with lots of en...

  • Robert Green - "Want 2 Want U" - Dancehall Hip Hop Fusion - Level 4

    Episode 14

    We're bringing you to the club with this blend of hip hop, Afro-Caribbean, and dancehall vibes! This fresh new class will take you out of your comfort zone with its fun fast paced choreography! Intermediate - Level 4 

  • Taylor & Niels - "Bad Boys" - Hip Hop Level 2.5

    Episode 15

    Taylor and Niels are here to take your swag to the next level! ⬆️ You can take this class solo or with a friend, it's entirely up to you! This flowy Hip Hop routine is perfect for those looking to improve their footwork, body rolls, (optional) partnering, as well as overall fluidity and choreogra...