Salsa - Beginner To Advanced

Salsa - Beginner To Advanced

Learn to Salsa! 🔥 In this playlist, you will find all of our Salsa classes organized by level! Dance and have fun with a variety of Dance & Co teachers, master salsa footwork, turns, arm stylings and more! Are you ready to get started? Hit play! ▶️

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Salsa - Beginner To Advanced
  • Jon - Salsa Groove Along Warm Up - All Levels

    Warm up with a fun follow along salsa routine! (Under 5 minutes)

  • Teresa - Salsa Series Part 1: Rhythm - All Levels

    Learn the absolute basics of Salsa. Get the steps and motions down, let it become muscle memory, and then advance further on your salsa journey with the rest of this multi-class series on mastering the Salsa. 
    Beginner - All Levels

    El son de Cuba From Sound Epidemic
    Muevete Mami From So...

  • Sofia's Salsa Cardio - All Levels

    Sofia is BACK with another sweaty Salsa follow along! Arms, legs, core... you name it! You'll have so much fun working up a sweat, you won't even realize you're doing cardio. 

  • Teresa - Salsa Series Part 2: Body Movement - All Levels

    The next step of this Salsa series is getting the body movement down. Salsa is big on relaxed hip movement. This class will get you working on achieving that natural hip sway and feeling confident in your body. 💃
    Beginner - All Levels

    Music: Pueblo de Palmira- By Extreme Music

  • Teresa - Salsa Series Part 3: Turns - All Levels

    In part 3 of this Salsa series we are covering Turns! Learn how to keep your balance in full body turns, how to master cross body turns, and everything in between! 💃✨
    Beginner - All Levels

  • Sofia's Salsa Workout - All Levels

    This high energy Salsa workout will raise your heart-rate AND your spirit! Feel the burn in the best way possible with this fun alternative to your everyday cardio! 💃

  • Teresa - Salsa Series Part 4: Arm Styling - All Levels

    In part 4 of our Salsa Series, we're focusing arm styling! Learn how to incorporate your arms in all the footwork and turns you've already learned! 💅💪
    Beginner - All Levels

  • Teresa - Salsa Series Part 5: Combo - All Levels

    Fifth and final part of our Salsa Series, in this class you will combine everything you've learned steps, body movement, arm stylings, and rhythm into a fun combo! This is a great class to come back to and practice! 💃🕺
    All Levels

    Music: Pueblo De Palerma

  • Jon & Oksana - "Tiki Tiki" - Salsa Basics - Level 1

    This salsa basics class can be done with or without a partner! This fun routine is made up of basic salsa moves so you can practice your fundamentals. You'll be grooving to the beat in no time! Beginner - Level 1

  • Sofia - Salsa Arm Styling - Level 1

    Don't know what to do with your hands? THIS is the class for you! Sofia shows you multiple combinations of Salsa arm styling so you never have to think twice about it! 💅

  • Sofia - Fancy Salsa Footwork - Level 2

    Develop your Salsa Footwork with this fancy dance routine! Sofia teaches you some fun combinations of famous Salsa steps. Feel free to come back to this class once in a while to see how much you've progressed! 💃

    Music: "Que rico mi tumbao"- Extreme Music

  • Maksimum Vibes: Salsa & Mambo - Level 2

    The vibes are back! 🙌 Maks & Val transport you to Cuba with this fun Salsa & Mambo medley. This short 30 min vibe-along is perfect to break up your routine, get your body moving, and pick a few new steps! 🔥
    Maks & Val - Level 2

    Music: "Yo Te Traigo" - Sound Epidemic

  • Sofia's Sexy Salsa - Level 2

    Lose yourself in the music and get in touch with your sultry side with Sofia's Sexy Salsa. 💃Sofia covers body action, arm styling, purpose, intention, and latin flair! Take this class and be the queen of your own Salsa club! 👑

    Music: La Floredita by Son Habana

  • Val - Samba & Salsa Rhythm - Level 3

    In this class, Val teaches you how to develop your sense of rhythm and musicality. This class is a fundamental building block in your dance education and will help you further advance your skills! 🎶👏
    Intermediate - Level 3

  • Maks & Peta - Social Salsa - Level 3.5

    Maks and Peta show you how to spice things up with this social Salsa. 🌶Whether you're having a date night at home, or want to prep before your next event/party, this class is perfect for you! 🔥
    Intermediate - Level 3.5

    Music: Yo Te Traigo - Cuba Quartet - epidemic

  • Jon & Oksana - "La Siguo Amando" - Salsa for Two - Level 4

    Energetic and exciting salsa routine to practice, enjoy, & level up with a partner! You get the foot work, the partner work, and everything in between so you can be the king and queen of the dance floor at your next salsa party! Level 4 - Intermediate into Advanced