The 30 Day Latin Bootcamp is a mix of latin cardio, technique, choreography, and drills!
Take your latin moves to the next level in just 30 days. What are you waiting for? Let's dance!

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  • Kateryna - Rumba Arm Styling - Level 1

    In this class, Kateryna teaches you classic Rumba arm styling as well as a sassier take on ballroom dance style arms! 
    Beginner - Level 1
    Music: When We Dance - Sound Epidemic

  • Kiki - Rumba Technique Drills - Level 1

    Class is in session and Professor Kiki will have have your Rumba technique looking A+ in no time! You will work on Rumba walks, Cucarachas, Sliding doors with an emphasis on timing and technique. 👨🏻‍🏫
    Beginner - Level 1

  • Kateryna - Cha Cha Rhythm Basics - Level 1

    The perfect introduction to basic International Latin Cha Cha! We're going half speed and full speed while developing clarity in timing, foot speed, and hip action. Let's Cha Cha Cha! 💃
    Beginner - Level 1

    Song: Tied Up In Knots by Medite

  • Sofia - Latin HIIT - All Levels

    Say goodbye to boring workouts and hello to fun Latin HIITs! 👋🥁
    Spice up your fitness routine with Sofia, and never dread a workout ever again! 💪

  • Kateryna - Latin Strength Drills - All Levels

    Level up your Latin dancing and sculpt the legs and hips with Katya's Latin strengthening exercises. Feel the burn and then light up the dance floor! Resistance band recommended. 
    Beginner - All Levels

  • Val & Jenna - "Cali cumbia" - Latin American Groove - Level 1

    We’re going on a tour of Latin America and covering basic actions of Merengue, Salsa, American Rumba. In this beginner friendly routine we focus on the feet, hip, and body actions that’ll put you a step ahead at the Latin clubs! We even show you a Texas two-step version of this combo! Level 1

  • Sharna - "Lipstick Off" - Feminine Arm Styling - Level 1

    Develop your upper body & arm styling to create powerful, sexy, & smooth expressions! 💅Sharna will guide you through the different feels and let you discover what works best for you! 
    Beginner Level 1-2

  • Sofia - Latin Dance Fitness - All Levels

    Get your sweat on with this follow-along fitness class that fuses Merengue, Cha Cha, Samba, Jive & Bachata together to create a fun full-body workout! 💪🥵

  • Maks & Peta - Basic Rumba Routine - Level 1

    Maks & Peta bring you a Level 1 Rumba routine that will have you working on your fundamentals, sweating, and most importantly improving your moves! This is a great routine to come back to regularly.
    Beginner - Level 1

    Song: "Countin Out" by Electro Chill 3

  • Kateryna - Latin Drills: Footwork & Balance - Level 1

    Want those beautiful dancer's legs? Well THIS is the class for you! Improve your Latin with these simple exercises that will help you build strength for faster, more precise footwork! 🦵✨
    Beginner - Level 1

  • Maks & Peta - Cha Cha Footwork - Level 1.5

    This class offers you an in-depth look at Cha Cha footwork technique. Join Maks & Peta to get your Cha Cha in shape! 💃🕺
    Beginner - Level 1.5

    Song: "No Way Jose"

  • Kateryna - "Fuego" - International Samba - Level 1.5

    A fun and easy basic Samba routine that will solidify your fundamentals while sharpening your technical skills. Kateryna covers timing, footwork, arm styling, this class is perfect if you are just starting out or want to practice your Samba! Beginner - Level 1.5

  • Val - "Besame Un Poco" - Latin Rotations Technique - Level 2

    Get your twists, hips, and swivels in check! In this technique class, Val walks you through the mechanics of Latin Rotations. Come back to this class regularly for sharper and cleaner twists and turns.   Beginner - Level 2

  • Katya - Rumba Drills & Combo - Level 2

    Katya takes you through some Rumba drills to develop your leg action in coordination with your body action.💥Then you will jump into a short combo thats perfect for developing your technique further and strengthening your dance muscles! BEGINNER - LEVEL 2

    Music: "Suppose We Kissed" - Lennon Hutt...

  • Sofia's Sexy Salsa - Level 2

    Lose yourself in the music and get in touch with your sultry side with Sofia's Sexy Salsa. 💃Sofia covers body action, arm styling, purpose, intention, and latin flair! Take this class and be the queen of your own Salsa club! 👑

    Music: La Floredita by Son Habana

  • Katya - Fiery Paso Doble - Level 2

    Based on passionate Spanish bull-fights, the Paso Doble is a dramatic and theatrical dance that features beautiful body shapes, & flamenco-like footwork & arm styling! 🔥

  • Val - "My Kind Of Girl" - Rumba - Level 2

    A good routine to refresh your Rumba walks, and work on adding the "sexy" aspect of this dance to your styling and technique. Let's add some spice to your Rumba! 🌶
    Beginner - Level 2

    Music: "My kind of girl" - Extreme Music

  • Maks & Kiki - "Mi Swing Es Tropical" - Maksimum Vibes - Level 2

    Maksimum Vibes (MV), an ode to Maks and Val (MV) and the vibes they create when they're on the dance floor together. These routines are all about blending styles, moves, and grooves to create a routine that elevates the energy and takes the vibes to max! Max and Kiki blend Samba & Salsa to bring ...

  • Val & Jenna - Cha Cha Arms - Level 2

    Val & Jenna are bringing all the focus to your beautiful arms in this class. You'll get those fierce, sharp, Cha Cha arm stylings down in no time! 💪🔥
    Beginner - Level 2

    Song: "Rouge" by Throne

  • Katya - Jive "Runaway Train" - Level 2.5

    Warm up your ankles and calfs in the first half of this class then jump right into a fun combo. Katya's Jive emphasizes lightning fast feet, sharp turns, and playful kicks. There is no better cardio workout in the ballroom dance world! 💕

    Music: Runaway Train - The Elloqu...

  • Val - "Que Pasa Corazon" - Flamenco X Paso Doble Level 3

    Power, passion and precision! 💥🌹🐂 This Paso Doble routine has a Spanish twist with Flamenco flair! No partner necessary. (Pair this class with Maks' Paso Doble Fundamentals for bonus practice)
    Intermediate - Level 3

  • Sharna - Paso Doble Styling - Level 3

    This class is for anyone looking to perfect their Paso Doble arm styling. Sharna walks you through how to use musicality, channel your inner señorita, and find a balance between power and femininity. 🌹
    Intermediate - Level 3

  • Val & Jenna - "La Rey de la Selva" - Samba - Level 3

    Val & Jenna are here to spice up your week with this sexy Samba routine! 🔥You'll get to explore bounce action, learn to develop your own style, and make the routine your own! Level 3

  • Maks - "Bellaquita" Samba Practice - Level 3

    Maks goes over a collection of Samba steps to help improve your dancing and get you sweating! Whether you came here for extra practice or a full-body workout, this class is it! 🔥
    Intermediate - Level 3

    Music: "Bellaquita" By Lawd Ito - Sound Epidemic