30 Minutes

30 Minutes

Need a quick workout or dance class? In this playlist, you will find all of our Dance & Fitness classes that are 30 minutes and under! Dance and workout with a variety of Dance & Co teachers even on your busiest days! Are you ready to get started? Hit play! ▶️

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30 Minutes
  • JJ Rabone - Funky Disco Grooves - Level 2

    Time to get groovy y'all! JJ teaches you a series of Disco moves that FEEL AMAZING. Throw on your favorite Disco track and dance the night, morning, or afternoon away! 🕺

    Music: Double Dribble by Funky Breaks

  • Julz - "Alleys Of Buenos Aires" - Intro To Tango - Level 1

    Tango lovers rejoice! This class is a blend of American and International style to get a good understanding of the Tango. Julz teaches you a selection of classic Tango steps complete with a short routine for you to practice! 
    Beginner - Level 1

  • Kiki & Koko - "Casualidad" - Samba Technique - All Levels

    This quick technique class will go over four distinct Samba steps, the bounce, whisk, botafogo, and batucada. Take this class before doing the "Casualidad" Samba class to warm up, refresh your memory, and prep so you get that perfect Samba look! All Levels

    Song: "Casualidad" By Nei Nei

  • Maks & Peta - Fundamental Fitness for Beginners

    This class is perfect for anyone who is just starting with their fitness journey, is getting back into it after a break, or just wants to do a low intensity workout. All levels

  • Peta & Jenna - "All Eyes On Me" - Jive Level 3

    This fierce female dance duo is going to jump and jive away your worries while smiling & sweating away the calories. Peta & Jenna's fun jive combo is the pick me up we need to get our energy going! Let's Jive. Intermediate Level 3

  • Sharna - "Champagne Riot" Cha Cha - Level 2

    This Cha Cha class features simple choreography which will allow you to focus on showcasing your personality and adding your personal style! ✨Join Sharna for a fun and upbeat class guaranteed to put a smile on your face! 😁Beginner - Level 2

  • Taylor's Sensual Toning - Level 1

    Sweat it out with Taylor's "Sensual Toning". This class takes you through a series of sexy dance moves that target your core, legs, arms, and booty! 🔥
    Beginner - Level 1

  • Koko's Fosse Jazz - Level 3.5

    This is a character driven routine with elements of Fosse & Jazz! Koko combines classic moves with a modern twist to create a joyful and expressive routine that'll make you feel like a Broadway star! 

  • Maks & Niels - 20 minute Full Body Warm Up

    A full body warm up that you can do on it's own or pair with any other class. Take 20 minute to wake up your body before you start your day, workout, or dance class! All Levels

  • Maks & Niels - 20 minute Upper Body Workout

    This targeted workout will help you work on your arm muscles at home with no weights! 💪Maks and Niels will take your through exercises designed to activate your triceps, shoulders, traps and neck. Let's get to it!
    All Levels!

  • Emilio - Cool Down Yoga Flow

    A perfect way to cool down after a lot of dancing, working out, or a busy day. Take some well deserved me-time, this is a great class to wind down before bedtime! 
    All levels

  • Maks & Peta - Dance HIIT Fusion - All Levels

    Maks & Peta combine High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with Dance for a fun fusion class that'll have your buns, guns, and tums on fire! 🔥This fun full body 20 minute workout blends cardio, aerobics, and dance! 💪🍑

  • Julz Tocker - "His Old Lover" - Tango Fundamental Technique - Level 1

    A fundamental class covering basic tango technique including frame, footwork and posture. Level 1 - Beginner

  • Rumba Basics - "Hip Action" w/ Maks Chmerkovskiy

    The international Rumba or ballroom Rumba is a romantic dance of Cuban origins. It has since evolved for the more competitive oriented International Style of DanceSport being slower than the original Rumba and having sharper leg action, where the dancers arrive on a straight knee. The dance is ch...

  • Maks & Niels - 20 Min Core Crusher

    Join Maks & Niels for a quick 20 minute targeted workout to get your abs going! This class can be done by anyone, Maks & Niels kept it beginner friendly. You can pair it with our longer workouts or yoga classes or even a dance class. Level 1

  • Emilio - Hip Hop Series Part 3: New School - Level 1

    Part 3 of a 3 part Hip Hop series! Emilio teaches you fundamental "New School" moves that you can use as a base for all your Hip Hop movement. Get loose, feel comfortable in your body and have fun! 🎧🎶
    Beginner - Level 1

    Music: Mystery Man - Jayde Juelz - so stereo

  • Maks Peta - Holiday Dance Fitness - All Levels

    HO HO HO! Maks & Peta are here to spread some Fitness Holiday cheer! 🎄💪This 20 minute dance workout will leave you merry and sweaty! ✨

  • Emilio - Hip Hop Series Part 1: OId School - Level 1

    Part 1 of a 3 part Hip Hop series! Emilio teaches you fundamental "Old School" steps that you can use as a base for all your Hip Hop movement. Get loose, feel comfortable in your body and have fun! 🎧🎶
    Beginner - Level 1

    Music: Mystery Man By Jayde Juelz - So Stereo

  • Sofia's Salsa Cardio - All Levels

    Sofia is BACK with another sweaty Salsa follow along! Arms, legs, core... you name it! You'll have so much fun working up a sweat, you won't even realize you're doing cardio. 

  • Sofia - Latin Dance Fitness - All Levels

    Get your sweat on with this follow-along fitness class that fuses Merengue, Cha Cha, Samba, Jive & Bachata together to create a fun full-body workout! 💪🥵

  • Koko - Fundamental Transitions - All Levels

    In this fundamental class, Koko takes you through 4 simple transitional steps that you will find in many dances and styles. Get ready to master the Pas De Bourée, Chassé, Ball-change, and the Pivot! 💯All Levels

  • Sofia's Salsa Workout - All Levels

    This high energy Salsa workout will raise your heart-rate AND your spirit! Feel the burn in the best way possible with this fun alternative to your everyday cardio! 💃