Getting Started: Your First Steps!

Getting Started: Your First Steps!

This is where you can find more information about Dance & Co and how to get the most of your experience. We have some introductory videos, as well as quick guides, and more.

Getting Started: Your First Steps!
  • "How To Dance & Co" - Quick Introductory Guide

    We want to make it easy for you to learn to dance, get fit, and have fun. Here's "How to Dance & Co," a quick introductory guide to features, benefits, and perks of being a Dance & Co member, plus some shortcuts and tips to get the most of out your experience. For more information and to see the ...

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    A collection of our most popular classes! All levels & styles.


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    The 30 Day Latin Bootcamp is a mix of latin cardio, technique, choreography, and drills!
    Take your latin moves to the next level in just 30 days. What are you waiting for? Let's dance!


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    We're simplifying your workout routine with an easy follow along program that doesn't feel like work. The 30 Day "Feel Good" Challenge is a mix of dance cardio, full body strength, dance choreography, targeted & functional workouts, yoga, & stretching.
    Feel stronger, happier, &, healthier in jus...


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    Get a sneak peek into the Dance & Co membership. Preview all the wonderful things you can enjoy! 😊

  • Bloopers & Behind The Scenes

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    Take a fun look behind the 4th wall to see what happens when the cameras are rolling and the mics are hot. 😅🎥

  • Welcome to Dance & Co!

    Dance & Co is a video-on-demand platform that combines having a dance studio, gym, club, and TV channel all-in-one that you can easily access online or via app at any time, any place, & on any device!

    With exclusive access to your favorite Dancing With the Stars & So You Think You Can Dance cha...