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  • TRAILER: Val & Jenna - Cha Cha Arms - Level 2

    Val & Jenna are bringing all the focus to your beautiful arms in this class. You'll get those fierce, sharp, Cha Cha arm stylings down in no time! 💪🔥
    Beginner - Level 2

    Song: "Rouge" by Throne

  • TRAILER: Maks & Val - Maksimum Vibes - Level 2

    Ladies & gentlemen, welcome back to another groovy class with the Chmerkovskiy brothers. This routine is set to a feel-good tune and these vibes will have you smiling all the way through to next week! As Val says: "Come on in!"  
    Beginner - Level 2

    Song: "We could have a good time" By Russel Vista

  • TRAILER: Janaya - Barre Warm Up - All Levels

    This quick follow-along Barre Warm Up is perfect to pair with any dance or fitness class. Janaya takes you through a series of low impact Barre exercises to activate your core, glutes, and legs. 💯
    All Levels

  • TRAILER: Katya - Swing Basics - All Levels

    This Two-Part class will go over 6 key Swing moves. Katya will break the technique for each step, practice with you, and activate your muscle memory with a dance combo at the end to put your new skills to the test! 👌
    All Levels

    Song: "Wine at Dinner Time" - Sound Epidemic

  • TRAILER: Val - Cha Cha Action & Rhythm - Level 4

    Val takes you through a slow Cha Cha routine that will focus on the mechanics of this iconic Latin dance. Focusing on rhythm and the Cha Cha action, this is a great class to test your technique and level up! ⬆️📈
    Advanced - Level 4

    Song: "Riding Lower" By OTE

  • TRAILER: Maks & Niels - Full Body Workout - All Levels

    This workout will activate and stretch the crucial muscles you need to take your dancing to the next level! Abs, hips, upper and lower body will be engaged, strengthened, and stretched to not only improve your day to day life, but also conquer that Tango, Hip Hop, or Cha Cha with an extra pep in ...

  • TRAILER: Kiki & Koko - "Casualidad" - Samba Technique - All Levels

    This quick technique class will go over four distinct Samba steps, the bounce, whisk, botafogo, and batucada. Take this class before doing the "Casualidad" Samba class to warm up, refresh your memory, and prep so you get that perfect Samba look! All Levels

    Song: "Casualidad" By Nei Nei

  • TRAILER: Kiki & Koko - "Casualidad" - Samba

    Let's get moving, grooving, and improving with this fun and sharp Samba combination. We recommend taking Kiki & Koko's Samba Technique class (see class above) before so you can jump in ready to kill it!  
    Advanced - Level 4

    Song: "Casualidad" By Nei Nei

  • TRAILER: Emily - Stretch & Strengthen Warm Up - All Levels

    Perfect to pair with a dance class or a workout, this full body warm up will have get you prepped and ready for anything! ✨Emily will have your blood flowing, your heart rate up, while you focus on stretching and strengthening your entire body! 💪
    All Levels

  • TRAILER: Janaya - Jazz & Contemporary "To Better Times" - Level 2.5

    This short & sweet Contemporary & Jazz combo will focus on expressing emotion. Janaya takes you through precise footwork combined with the fluidity and light-heartedness of the contemporary style! 🌙⚡️
    Beginner & Intermediate - Level 2.5

    Song: "To Better Times" By Alder - Epidemic Sound

  • TRAILER: Maks & Peta - Cha Cha Footwork - Level 1.5

    This class offers you an in-depth look at Cha Cha footwork technique. Join Maks & Peta to get your Cha Cha in shape! 💃🕺
    Beginner - Level 1.5

    Song: "No Way Jose"

  • TRAILER: Maks & Val - Maksimum Vibes "Gold Digger" - Level 2

    Get ready to swing! Maks & Val have prepared a groovy routine full of good vibes! They will walk you through basic Swing footwork and show you fun and simple moves with tons of practice to music. 🎶🎷 
    Beginner - Level 2

    Song: "Gold Digger" By Rockabilly

  • TRAILER: Janaya - Basic Ballet Barre 103 - Level 2

    Ballet Barre classes are the best way to get an elegant posture, long lean muscles, and a toned & strong body! Get ready, remember to point your toes, and let's get into it! 🩰
    Beginner - Level 2

  • TRAILER: Maks & Niels - Strength & Balance - All Levels

    The perfect class to get your body moving and feeling great! Engage your muscles, center your body and mind with balance exercises, and feel your mood improve! 💪All Levels

  • TRAILER: Koko - Fundamental Transitions - All Levels

    In this fundamental class, Koko takes you through 4 simple transitional steps that you will find in many dances and styles. Get ready to master the Pas De Bourée, Chassé, Ball-change, and the Pivot! 💯All Levels

  • TRAILER: Kateryna - Cha Cha - "You're going to miss me" - Level 3

    This sexy routine incorporates iconic Cha Cha steps to help you practice and improve your technique! 🔥
    Intermediate - Level 3

    Song: "You're going to miss me when I'm gone" By Revel Day - Epidemic Sounds

  • TRAILER: Maks & Niels - Lower Body Recovery - All Levels

    You've danced, you've worked out, you've stretched, and now it's time to recover! Maks & Niels show you some exercises you can do to keep your muscles loose and ready for your next class! 🦵👍
    All Levels

  • TRAILER: Janaya - Advanced Jazz Technique - Level 4

    This Jazz combo will engage your entire body with weight changes, direction changes, big clean lines, and level changes! A workout for your brain and your muscles! 🧠💪
    Advanced - Level 4

    MUSIC: Hear Me Calling - By Spring Gang

  • TRAILER: Val - Samba & Salsa Rhythm - Level 3

    In this class, Val teaches you how to develop your sense of rhythm and musicality. This class is a fundamental building block in your dance education and will help you further advance your skills! 🎶👏
    Intermediate - Level 3

  • TRAILER: Kateryna - Rockin' Jive - Level 3

    Channel your inner rockstar with this fast-paced Jive! With shredding electric guitar and some rockin' footwork, you'll be feeling like you just performed your own stadium rock show after this one! 🎸🤘
    Intermediate - Level 3

  • TRAILER: Maks & Val - Maksimum Vibes: Teenage Dance Party - Level 1

    Soulful guitar and deep bass make this vibe one of the smoothest and sexiest yet! Dim the lights, set the mood, and get ready to ride off into the sunset with the Chmerkovskiy brothers! 💛🧡🕺 
    Beginner - Level 1

    Song: "Teenage Dance Party" By Extreme Music

  • TRAILER: Niels - Funky Disco - "Caught Up In The Future" - Level 1

    We love a good Disco vibe so join us for this feel-good class that incorporates Disco and some old school moves like the iconic Dougie and so much more! 🕺🙌 Beginner - Level 1
    Song: "Caught Up In The Future" By Glove Box Epidemic

  • TRAILER: Katya - Samba - Back In Rio - Level 3

    Travel to the streets of Rio with this Samba routine! 🌴Perfect after a long day, Katya's choreography is fun, sexy, playful and guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face and a swing in your hips! 😎☀️Intermediate - Level 3
    Song: "Back In Rio" By Jay Cano

  • TRAILER: Janaya - Jazz Fitness - "10 Feet" - Level 3

    This jazz fitness class will focus on your legs! Janaya will get your heart-rate up, burn out the legs, and practice moves that really stay into the floor! Meet us on the dance floor! 👏📈Intermediate - Level 3
    Song: "10 Feet" Daxten Remix By Curio