Get a sneak peek into the Dance & Co membership. Preview all the wonderful things you can enjoy! 😊

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  • TRAILER: Val & Jenna - "Let's Go Go Go" Paso Doble & Flamenco - Level 4

     Val & Jenna blend Paso Doble & Flamenco with strong body actions, expressive arms, syncopated weight transfers, & body twists to create a powerful & dramatic routine. 🌹A great class for stamina, range of motion, and balance! No partner necessary, all steps are done side by side! Intermediate - L...

  • TRAILER: Maksimum Vibes - "Let Me Have This Dance" Viennese Waltz - Level 1

    The boys slow it down for a light hearted Viennese Waltz that's easy on the joints and even easier on the eyes! 🤩Get ready to relax and gently flow through this soft and elegant choreography! ✨Beginner - Level 1

  • TRAILER: Emily - "The Time Is Now" - Contemporary - Level 2

    This contemporary flow will help you be more versatile with your dancing, as well as portray a wide range of movement styles and emotion. Let go and flow with Emily for a stress relieving combo perfect for those who need a healthy release! Beginner - Level 2

  • TRAILER: Maks & Peta - HIIT Dance Cardio - All Levels

    Get a towel and a mop because this class will have you SWEATING! 💦😅Maks and Peta take your through a high intensity 15 minute dance cardio. This class blends traditional workout moves with Salsa and Cha Cha for a fun and high energy full-body workout! Let's get it! 💪🍑All Levels

  • TRAILER: Maks, Peta, Val & Jenna - Samba For Everyone - Level 3

    It's a family affair and everyone's invited! Maks, Peta, Val & Jenna got a sexy Samba routine with dynamic rhythms, fluid body action, and lots of expression that you're going to love! 💖Each of them break down the steps and add their personal style so you'll have four ways to express yourself! 

  • TRAILER: Janaya - Ballet Barre 102 - Level 2

    This class builds off of our Level 1 Barre class. In this class, you'll explore barre exercises that will sculpt and strengthen your legs & arms, as well as help with posture and balance! Level 2

  • TRAILER: Taylor - Sassy Aerobics - All levels

    A sassy and sexy dance fitness class guaranteed to get your heart rate and confidence up a few levels! We're taking some power moves from our heels classes, throwing on some sneakers, and getting in a good sweat! 💪😅
    All Levels

  • TRAILER: Nick - "Socialite" Baga Grooves - Level 3

    Nick Baga is back with another upbeat & uplifting groove! This high energy combo is all about feeling good and letting loose. Get ready to let go and as the lyrics say...."Who cares what the people think!" 🙌
    Intermediate - Level 3

  • TRAILER: Amari - "Verdad" - Dancehall Vibes - Level 1

    Our newest Dance&Co teacher, Amari Marshall, is bringing you a taste Afro-Caribbean flavor with a fun and free combo! Enjoy the feel-good vibes and take yourself on a much needed mini-vacation! 🏝☀️Beginner - Level 1

  • TRAILER: Janaya - "The Sun Goes Down" Jazz Fitness - Level 2

    You asked, we delivered! Highly requested and back on Dance&Co, Janaya brings you a high-enery & Jazzy dance fitness class. This class is fun, light, and packed with positivity! 💖💪Beginner - Level 2

  • Trailer: Maks & Peta - Dance HIIT Fusion - All Levels

    Maks & Peta combine High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with Dance for a fun fusion class that'll have your buns, guns, and tums on fire! 🔥This fun full body 20 minute workout blends cardio, aerobics, and dance! 💪🍑

  • TRAILER: Val - "Command" Feel Good Rumba - Level 1

    It feels good to feel good and that's what this class is all about! 🤗Val will teach you to develop you style, body & leg action with this soft, sensual, and feel good Rumba. Give yourself and your body the me-time it deserves! 💖
    Beginner - Level 1

  • TRAILER: Sharna - Jive HIIT Workout - All levels - Ft. Keo Motsepe

    Get your strength on with Sharna! 💪This 20 minute High Intensity Dance Circuit combines elements of Jive and Strength Training to give your legs and core a healthy burn! 🔥🔥Ft. special guest Keo Motsepe! 

  • Trailer: Julz - "Whiskey On The Rocks" - Foxtrot - Level 1

    In this class, Julz covers the fundamentals of this iconic dance! Whether you in a jazzy lounge or listening to a band, this class will give you the foxy tips & tricks you need to move across the floor with ease! 
    Beginner - Level 1

  • TRAILER: Sharna - "Champagne Riot" Cha Cha - Level 2

    This Cha Cha class features simple choreography which will allow you to focus on showcasing your personality and adding your personal style! ✨Join Sharna for a fun and upbeat class guaranteed to put a smile on your face! 😁Beginner - Level 2

  • TRAILER: Maks & Val - Maksimum Vibes: Charleston & Quickstep - Level 3

    This week's vibes feature some Charleston moves, Quickstep grooves, and a whole lot of Maks & Val! 💖WARNING: This class may cause side-effects including but not limited to, excessive smiling, uncontrollable shoulder shimmies, and an extra pep in your step. Proceed with caution 😉
    Intermediate - Le...

  • TRAILER: Kiki & Koko - "Favela Riddim" - Freestyle - Level 4

    This is a fast paced and high energy combo that blends various popular styles, including latin, hip hop, and house. This class is a good way to grow out of your comfort zone, and you'll get a good cardio workout in the process. Practice makes perfect! ✨
    Advanced - Level 4

  • TRAILER: Taylor - Empowering Heels - Level 3

    Taylor is back at it again with an empowering heels class that'll have your feeling confident and sexy! 💅👠This routine will help you get in tune with the way your body moves and is the mood-boosting antidote to the mid-week blues you've been waiting for! 
    Intermediate - Level 3

  • TRAILER: Maks & Val - Maksimum Vibes: Cha Cha X Disco - Level 2

    Another week, another vibe! 🙌 Maks & Val turn your living room into Studio 54, with this Cha Cha & Disco medley. This unique blend of Cha Cha & Disco is the class you need to practice your Saturday Night Fever moves! 🕺
    Beginner - Level 2

  • TRAILER: Emily - "Champagne Riot" - Jazz Combo - Level 4

    This is a sexy Jazzy routine with syncopated full body movements that will bring out the star in you. Don't be afraid to take the stage and challenge yourself with this exciting Jazz combo. 
    Advanced - Level 4

  • TRAILER: Julz - "Misty Dreams" - Waltz Fundamentals - Level 1

    This class covers essential Waltz patterns to help you build your Smooth & Standard library of knowledge! Don't miss out on the FUN-damentals, with the ever-encouraging, and aggressively positive Julz Tocker! 
    Beginner - Level 1

  • TRAILER: Emilio - Mobility & Strength Yoga Flow - Level 3

    Practicing Yoga regularly is proven to improve mobility in your muscles and joints. 💪This particular Yoga flow will focus on a series of moves designed not only to build muscle but also to achieve a longer range of motion! 
    Beginner / Intermediate - Level 3

  • TRAILER: Maks & Val - Maksimum Vibes: Paso X Samba Medley - Level 2

    The boys are BACK 🙌 and they brought the grooves, and the moves to guarantee that you'll improve! This mood lifter upper is the perfect way to break up a hectic week or just let loose after a long day! 😁
    Beginner - Level 2

  • TRAILER: Val - Jazzy Foxtrot - Level 1

    This class blends Jazz and American Smooth Foxtrot to bring you a combination of styles fit for the stage! 🤩This is a light routine with lots of personality and a focus on performance! Beginner - Level 1