We're simplifying your workout routine with an easy follow along program that doesn't feel like work. The 30 Day "Feel Good" Challenge is a mix of dance cardio, full body strength, dance choreography, targeted & functional workouts, yoga, & stretching.
Feel stronger, happier, &, healthier in just 30 days. So what are you waiting for?

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  • Maksimum Fitness #1 - Maks & Peta

    A fun & fearless, full-body fitness class that’ll make you feel fabulous & free to take on any challenge! Perfect for building muscle, sculpting, toning, and feeling your absolute best! Guaranteed to make you sweat and smile...It’s Maksimum fitness!

  • Maks & JJ - Maksimum Vibes "Out Loud" - Level 1

    Ladies and gentlemen please welcome special guest JJ Rabone to Maksimum Vibes! Forget the steps, this follow along groove is all about releasing some feel-good hormones! Rain or shine this class will turn your day around! 😄 📈

  • Peta & Sharna - 20 Min Booty Blaster

    The title says it all! This quick booty workout will have your buns feeling toasty! With special guest Sharna Burgess, Peta's booty blast is guaranteed to help you build muscle and tone your bum! You can do this workout on its own or pair it with one of our yoga classes or longer workouts to get ...

  • Sofia's Salsa Workout - All Levels

    This high energy Salsa workout will raise your heart-rate AND your spirit! Feel the burn in the best way possible with this fun alternative to your everyday cardio! 💃

  • Maks & Niels - 20 Min Core Crusher

    Join Maks & Niels for a quick 20 minute targeted workout to get your abs going! This class can be done by anyone, Maks & Niels kept it beginner friendly. You can pair it with our longer workouts or yoga classes or even a dance class. Level 1

  • Kateryna - Latin Strength Drills - All Levels

    Level up your Latin dancing and sculpt the legs and hips with Katya's Latin strengthening exercises. Feel the burn and then light up the dance floor! Resistance band recommended. 
    Beginner - All Levels

  • Karly - Stretching & Conditioning - All Levels

    Get ready to flow! This class uses elements of Ballet and Yoga to help stretch and strengthen your muscles for dance class! A great class to start or end your day with! 

  • Maksimum Fitness - Legs & Booty - All Levels

    Back by popular demand, Maks & Peta's Legs & Booty Fitness is a fun, quick, and effective class that'll tone your butt, thighs and core muscles. BONUS: Strap on some ankle weights for an extra burn! 🔥

  • Maks & Val - "Dejame" - Maksimum Vibes - Level 3

    Batucadas, bounce, and body rolls galore! Get ready to Samba and shake that booty! The boys, Maks & Val, will show you beginner and intermediate variations, so you can get to moving and grooving no matter what your level is! Level 3

  • Taylor's Sensual Toning - Level 1

    Sweat it out with Taylor's "Sensual Toning". This class takes you through a series of sexy dance moves that target your core, legs, arms, and booty! 🔥
    Beginner - Level 1

  • Val - Jive Leg Burner - Level 3

    "Those legs are on fireeeeeee!" is what you'll be singing after this class! Val's Jive kick drills will get your heart rate up and your legs burning. Let's Jive! 🔥INTERMEDIATE - LEVEL 3

    Music: "Unshackled Traveler" - Alex Mastronardi - Artlist

  • Sofia - Latin HIIT - All Levels

    Say goodbye to boring workouts and hello to fun Latin HIITs! 👋🥁
    Spice up your fitness routine with Sofia, and never dread a workout ever again! 💪

  • Katya - Sexy Cha Cha - Level 2

    This class is for all of our sassy members out there who want to explore feminine movement and poses. 💅 Katya teaches you how to hit sexy lines in this Cha Cha combination! 
    Beginner - Level 2

    Music: "Sweet & Low" by MAAD

  • Emilio - Cool Down Yoga Flow

    A perfect way to cool down after a lot of dancing, working out, or a busy day. Take some well deserved me-time, this is a great class to wind down before bedtime! 
    All levels

  • Maks & Peta - Fundamental Fitness for Beginners

    This class is perfect for anyone who is just starting with their fitness journey, is getting back into it after a break, or just wants to do a low intensity workout. All levels

  • Maksimum Vibes - "La Ventana" - Maks & Val - Level 3

    The boys are bringing the vacation to you! Open “La Ventana” (The Window), feel the ocean breeze, and get ready to shake, sweat, and smile with Maks & Val & this Latin American vibe! Level 3

  • Jenna - Abs & Booty Blast - All Levels

    All aboard for a toned belly and round booty! 🍑Jenna takes you through a fun & quick 20 min workout that'll leave you feeling the burn! 🔥
    No equipment necessary! 

  • Val - Jumpin' Jive Fitness - All Levels

    This high energy Jive Cardio combo takes traditional Jive moves and kicks them into high gear. Pun intended! Your calfs, glutes, hamstrings, quads, and core are going to hate you first, but thank you later! Let's Jive! 🕺
    All Levels

  • Sofia - Latin Dance Fitness - All Levels

    Get your sweat on with this follow-along fitness class that fuses Merengue, Cha Cha, Samba, Jive & Bachata together to create a fun full-body workout! 💪🥵

  • Janaya - "The Sun Goes Down" Jazz Fitness - All Levels

    You asked, we delivered! Highly requested and back on Dance&Co, Janaya brings you a high-enery & Jazzy dance fitness class. This class is fun, light, and packed with positivity! 💖💪Beginner - Level 2

  • Koko - Stretch & Warm Up - All Levels

    Prime your body for a good day, workout, or dance class! Get your muscles and joints warmed up and ready to go with this quick class that combines dynamic stretches with traditional warm up exercises. 💪

  • Maksimum Fitness #2 - Full Body Work Out

    A fun & fearless, full-body fitness class that’ll make you feel fabulous & free to take on any challenge! Perfect for building muscle, sculpting, toning, and feeling your absolute best! Guaranteed to make you sweat and smile...It’s Maksimum fitness!

  • Maksimum Vibes: Salsa & Mambo - Level 2

    The vibes are back! 🙌 Maks & Val transport you to Cuba with this fun Salsa & Mambo medley. This short 30 min vibe-along is perfect to break up your routine, get your body moving, and pick a few new steps! 🔥
    Maks & Val - Level 2

    Music: "Yo Te Traigo" - Sound Epidemic

  • Sharna - 10 Minute Fitness - Low Body Impact - All Levels

    10 minutes is all you need to smash your fitness goals!💥This low-impact workout is great for all levels! If you're craving an extra kick, this class can be looped twice for a serious burn! 🍑