30 Minutes

30 Minutes

Need a quick workout or dance class? In this playlist, you will find all of our Dance & Fitness classes that are 30 minutes and under! Dance and workout with a variety of Dance & Co teachers even on your busiest days! Are you ready to get started? Hit play! ▶️

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30 Minutes
  • Karly - Yoga For Dancers - All Levels

    Designed with dancers in mind, this class will help you gain flexibility, and mobility in the muscle groups you need to take your dancing to the next level! Karly leads you through this relaxing flow that can be modified to fit any level. Namaste dancers! 🧘‍♀️🧘

  • Maks & Niels - Full Body Fitness - All Levels

    Full Body Fitness is a class designed to help you get your sweat on, raise your heart rate, tone, & burn calories. 💦 Maks & Niels encourage you to hit your fitness goals, & help you achieve new milestones! 

  • Karly - Jazz Combo "Take Me To Your Heart" - Level 1

    No stress, no technique, just fun! Enjoy this uplifting Jazz combo with Karly and dance all your worries away! 💖

  • Maks & JJ - Maksimum Vibes "Out Loud" - Level 1

    Ladies and gentlemen please welcome special guest JJ Rabone to Maksimum Vibes! Forget the steps, this follow along groove is all about releasing some feel-good hormones! Rain or shine this class will turn your day around! 😄 📈

  • Val - Jive Leg Burner - Level 3

    "Those legs are on fireeeeeee!" is what you'll be singing after this class! Val's Jive kick drills will get your heart rate up and your legs burning. Let's Jive! 🔥INTERMEDIATE - LEVEL 3

    Music: "Unshackled Traveler" - Alex Mastronardi - Artlist

  • Sofia - Fancy Salsa Footwork - Level 2

    Develop your Salsa Footwork with this fancy dance routine! Sofia teaches you some fun combinations of famous Salsa steps. Feel free to come back to this class once in a while to see how much you've progressed! 💃

    Music: "Que rico mi tumbao"- Extreme Music

  • Karly - Stretching & Conditioning - All Levels

    Get ready to flow! This class uses elements of Ballet and Yoga to help stretch and strengthen your muscles for dance class! A great class to start or end your day with! 

  • Stephanie - Sexy Latin Fusion - Level 4

    This sexy combo introduces latin rhythms while blending a variety of latin dance styles to create a fun calorie burning class! Stephanie breaks down the intricacies of Latin rhythms while strengthening your technique, flexibility, and musicality! 🌶

  • Sofia - Latin HIIT - All Levels

    Say goodbye to boring workouts and hello to fun Latin HIITs! 👋🥁
    Spice up your fitness routine with Sofia, and never dread a workout ever again! 💪

  • Val - Samba "Cinnamon Jam" - Level 4

    Val is back with a dynamic Samba that'll add a little cinnamon spice to your day. Get ready for a Samba workout that'll have you sweating head to toe! ADVANCED - LEVEL 4

  • Koko - Beginner Jazz - Level 1

    Koko's beginner jazz is perfect if you're just starting out or getting back to the basics. This class is all about clarity in movement and fun. BEGINNER - LEVEL 1

  • Emily - Jazz Fusion - Level 3.5

    Emily switches it up with a Jazz Fusion combo that mixes classic Jazz technique with contemporary and pop movement! This routine emphasizes body control, isolations, musicality, and energetic expression. 🎶🎧

  • Taylor - Empowering Burlesque Chair Dance

    Try something new this week! Taylor's empowering chair burlesque class focuses on body confidence and  will give you the fundamentals you need to feel sexy and comfortable in your body. Beginner - Level 1

  • Maks & Peta - Dance HIIT Cardio 2 - All Levels

    Join Maks & Peta for this Dance HIIT Workout designed to build strength and stamina all while incorporating moves from the hottest Hollywood clubs to Bollywood's infamous dance scenes. 💪You're guaranteed to break a sweat and a smile with this one! 😅All Levels

  • Sharna Ft. Keo Motsepe - Jive HIIT Workout - All levels

    Get your strength on with Sharna! 💪This 20 minute High Intensity Dance Circuit combines elements of Jive and Strength Training to give your legs and core a healthy burn! 🔥🔥Ft. special guest Keo Motsepe! 

  • Maks & Val - Maksimum Vibes: Cha Cha X Disco - Level 2

    Another week, another vibe! 🙌 Maks & Val turn your living room into Studio 54, with this Cha Cha & Disco medley. This unique blend of Cha Cha & Disco is the class you need to practice your Saturday Night Fever moves! 🕺
    Beginner - Level 2

  • Val & Jenna - "La Rey de la Selva" - Samba - Level 3

    Val & Jenna are here to spice up your week with this sexy Samba routine! 🔥You'll get to explore bounce action, learn to develop your own style, and make the routine your own! Level 3

  • Maks & Peta - Rumba Partnering - Level 2.5

    Maks & Peta teach you an intermediate (level 2.5) Rumba partnering practice routine. In this pattern you will work on connections, principles of partnering, as well as basic figures like cucarachas, sliding doors and the fan position. Intermediate level 2.5.

  • Janaya - Basic Ballet Barre - Level 1

    Ballet is a foundational style for Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical and Modern. This class is great for beginners seeking a basic ballet class or to use as a warm up or targeted work out to tighten and tone the legs! This follow along barre class is a very simple selection of exercises that will help ...

  • Emily crouch - "Body of Water" - Contemporary - Level 3

    Emily's contemporary class will focus on achieving fluid movements, continuity, and flow. Let your body & mind float freely... 🌀Intermediate - Level 3

  • Val & Jenna - "Bailas" - Latin Partnering Level 3

    Grab a friend, lover, sibling, or challenge yourself and try this routine by yourself! Val and Jenna break down the basics of connection and the keys to a successful dance partnership! This routine is great for an at-home date night, a fun way to challenge yourself to try something new, great pr...

  • Maksimum Vibes - "Let Me Have This Dance" Viennese Waltz - Level 1

    The boys slow it down for a light hearted Viennese Waltz that's easy on the joints and even easier on the eyes! 🤩Get ready to relax and gently flow through this soft and elegant choreography! ✨Beginner - Level 1

  • Janaya - "I'm Better Off" - Jazz Fitness Combo - Level 3.5

    You're invited to Janaya's Jazz party! This class focuses on fun & feminine jazz choreography all the while giving you a fun cardio workout!

  • Emily Crouch - "Tribe" - Jazz - Level 2

    A fun, slinky jazz number where you can have fun, let go, and be free!  Be a part of Emily's tribe of jazzy dancers, feel the music and explore new moves with this liberating routine! Beginner - Level 2