30 Minutes

30 Minutes

Need a quick workout or dance class? In this playlist, you will find all of our Dance & Fitness classes that are 30 minutes and under! Dance and workout with a variety of Dance & Co teachers even on your busiest days! Are you ready to get started? Hit play! ▶️

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30 Minutes
  • Emilio - Warm Up Yoga Flow

    A great warm up style yoga to get you ready for your workout, dance class, or to take on the day!

  • Emily - Contemporary Jazz: Last Goodbye - Level 4

    Play around with this contemporary Jazz Fusion class. A challenge for both your mind and body, you will explore moving in new and surprising ways! 💃🤯 Advanced - Level 4

    Song: Another last goodbye - The taste of freedom

  • Maks & Val - "Over The Rainbow" - Maksimum Vibes - Level 2

    Maksimum Vibes (MV), an ode to Maks and Val (MV) and the vibes they create when they're on the dance floor together. These routines are all about blending styles, moves, and grooves to create a routine that elevates the energy and takes the vibes to max! Maks and Val spice up the Cha Cha to the t...

  • Koko - Three Basic Turns Technique - Level 1

    This class is a MUST for beginners and seasoned dancers alike! Koko walks you through fundamental and ESSENTIAL technique for three different turns you will encounter in a wide range of routines and dance styles. This class stimulates core strength, muscle memory, and puts your technique to the t...

  • Maks & Val - "Que Sera" - Maksimum Vibes - Level 1

    Maks & Val put together a fun & bouncy routine for you this week! These playful Latin vibes are the ultimate mood lifter upper! So as Val always says..."COME ON IN!"🚪
    Beginner - Level 1

  • Val - "Runaway Train" - Jive Groove - Level 3

    A fast pace authentic jive routine with kicks, flicks, ball changes, Elvis hip action, quicks, slows, and everything in between. The best part? Val gives you some "dancers choice" options for you to make it your own! 
    Intermediate - Level 3

  • Amari ft. Jore' - Afro Latin Fusion - Level 1

    Amari & Jore' have prepared a fun Afro Latin Fusion combo to get your feeling GOOD! Get ready to sway those hips, move your chest, and focus on having a great time! Let's get to it! 🙌👏
    Beginner - Level 1

    Song: La Seria By Astro From Extreme Music

  • Janaya - Jazz & Contemporary "To Better Times" - Level 2.5

    This short & sweet Contemporary & Jazz combo will focus on expressing emotion. Janaya takes you through precise footwork combined with the fluidity and light-heartedness of the contemporary style! 🌙⚡️
    Beginner & Intermediate - Level 2.5

    Song: "To Better Times" By Alder - Epidemic Sound

  • Val - "My Way" - Samba - Level 4

    This flamin' hot Samba routine will have you working hard with a smile on your face. Get ready to sweat because this class combo pieces together all the main elements of the Samba to a rhythmic, dynamic beat! 🎶 
    Advanced - Level 4

    Music: "My Way" by Latin Pop 2 Extreme Music

  • Maks & Niels - Upper Body & Core Conditioning - All Levels

    Tone & define your Upper Body & Core with this conditioning class. 💪 Conditioning exercises help decrease the chance of injury and can be done at any fitness level.  All Levels

  • Maks & Val - "Cha Cha Cha" - Maksimum Vibes - Level 2

    This week we're bringing you a fun, beginner friendly Cha Cha Cha! This simple routine is full of groovy moments that will allow you to play with speed and textures! Let the music dictate your moves and have fun with it!  Level 2 - Beginner 

  • Taylor - Slow & Sensual Heels - Level 1

    Taylor walks you through this slow &. sensual heels combination full of metly, ooey, gooey walks, booty bumps, sits, arms, and more! This class is perfect for heels beginners because of it's slow pace! 👠
    Beginner - Level 1

  • Koko - "Forca" Combo & Workout - Level 4

    KoKo is taking us to Brazil with a "strong", high energy, & fast paced routine that doubles as a cardio workout! Get ready to shake your booty and party like its Carnival....FORCA! 🥳
    Advanced - Level 4

    Music: Forca by Sandance - Sound Epidemic

  • Robert Green W/ Cliff - "Psycho Lover" - Urban Flow - Level 3.5

    Robert Green & Cliff are back this week with an Urban Flow class. Get in touch with yourself and your body through the routine. This class is full of soul and spirit, you will learn to move your body to an R&B groove and explore self-expression.  Intermediate - Level 3.5

  • Janaya - "The Sun Goes Down" Jazz Fitness - All Levels

    You asked, we delivered! Highly requested and back on Dance&Co, Janaya brings you a high-enery & Jazzy dance fitness class. This class is fun, light, and packed with positivity! 💖💪Beginner - Level 2

  • Janaya - Feel Good Lyrical - Level 2

    This Lyrical combo combines elements of Jazz and Ballet to create a soft style that emphasizes storytelling and emotion. Through choreography Janaya gives opportunities to get in touch with your feelings and leave it all on the dance floor! 
    Beginner - Level 2

    Music: I met you in the summer - L...

  • Teresa - Salsa Series Part 4: Arm Styling - All Levels

    In part 4 of our Salsa Series, we're focusing arm styling! Learn how to incorporate your arms in all the footwork and turns you've already learned! 💅💪
    Beginner - All Levels

  • Maks & Niels - Full Body Water Bottle Special - All Levels

    Get abs with a combination of a killer workout and as usual some laughs! 😅Join Maks & Niels as they take you through some toning exercises for the whole body with easy weight. Grab some water bottles, books, or light weights and get ready to feel the burn! 🔥
    All Levels

  • Kateryna - Quickstep Combo - Level 2

    A combo that not only improves your Quickstep, footwork, and frame but also gets your heart rate up! Technique AND Cardio, 🙌 what more could you ask for?  Beginner - Level 2

    Music: Nothing left to ask for - Golden age radio - epidemic

  • Janaya - Advanced Jazz Technique - Level 4

    This Jazz combo will engage your entire body with weight changes, direction changes, big clean lines, and level changes! A workout for your brain and your muscles! 🧠💪
    Advanced - Level 4

    MUSIC: Hear Me Calling - By Spring Gang

  • Janaya - "In The Name Of Love" - Jazz Fitness - All Levels

    Learn some basic Jazz steps in a fun and easy way while getting a cardio dance workout! This fun, upbeat class is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Intermediate - Level 2

  • Janaya - Jazz Warm Up - All Levels

    Get your muscles warmed up with Janaya! This class is perfect to do before a dance or fitness class or on a day off to keep your body active! We'll do some movement and stretching to get the blood flowing and the body ready for anything. 🙆‍♀️✨All levels

  • Janaya - Barre Warm Up - All Levels

    This quick follow-along Barre Warm Up is perfect to pair with any dance or fitness class. Janaya takes you through a series of low impact Barre exercises to activate your core, glutes, and legs. 💯
    All Levels

  • BoyBoi & Saya - "Sugar & Spice" - Street Jazz - Level 4

    BoyBoi & Saya are here to challenge you to be your absolute best! This combo of Sugar & Spice is a blend of hip hop & jazz aka "Street Jazz", with big movements, fast footwork, body action, and dynamic rhythms! It's an upbeat and fierce routine but BoyBoi breaks it down thoroughly with lots of en...