Get a sneak peek into the Dance & Co membership. Preview all the wonderful things you can enjoy! ūüėä

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  • TRAILER: Sharna - Paso Doble Styling - Level 3

    This class is for anyone looking to perfect their Paso Doble arm styling. Sharna walks you through how to use musicality, channel your inner se√Īorita, and find a balance between power and femininity. ūüĆĻ
    Intermediate - Level 3

  • TRAILER: Janaya - "I'm out of my mind" - Jazz Fitness

    Jazz up your week with Janaya's Jazz Fitness! A high intensity dance party that mixes cardio, strength, jazz steps and more! Wave your boring cardio routine goodbye and say hello to a fun new way to workout!
    All Levels

  • TRAILER: Maks & Jenna - "Manouche Blues" - Swing

    Highly requested and finally here! The pairing you've all been waiting for....Maks & Jenna! Maksimum Joy guaranteed as they teach you this fun Swing routine! Beginner - Level 2

  • TRAILER: Teddy - Intro to Tap

    Teddy Coffey from the Maks & Val Tour is here to introduce you to the basics of Tap! Give your neighbors a heads up and get ready to get an extra pep in your step! 
    Beginner - Level 1

  • TRAILER: Taylor - Viral Moves

    All the viral dance moves you see on tik tok, instagram, and the rest of social media in one class. Taylor breaks down each pattern for you to easily mirror and follow along. Did you just become an influencer? Beginner - Level 1

  • TRAILER: Janaya - Basic Ballet Barre

    Ballet is a foundational style for Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical and Modern. This class is great for beginners seeking a basic ballet class or to use as a warm up or targeted work out to tighten and tone the legs! This follow along barre class is a very simple selection of exercises that will help ...

  • TRAILER: Jon & Oksana - "Cobarde" - Romantic Partnering Samba

    Soft, romantic and sensual, this fun Samba class is perfect for a date night in! Don't worry if you don't have a partner, this class was designed to benefit solo dancers as well. Follow Jon & Oksana to take your Samba skills to the next level! Intermediate - Level 3

  • TRAILER: Julz - "Alleys Of Buenos Aires" - Intro To Tango

    Tango lovers rejoice! This class is a blend of American and International style to get a good understanding of the Tango. Julz teaches you a selection of classic Tango steps complete with a short routine for you to practice! 
    Beginner - Level 1

  • Trailer: Val - "Besame Un Poco" - Latin Rotations Technique

    Get your twists, hips, and flicks in check! In this technique class, Val walks you through the mechanics of Latin Rotations. Come back to this class regularly for sharper and cleaner twists and turns.   
    Intermediate - Level 2

  • TRAILER: Jonathan & Oksana - "Fuego Fuego" - Merengue Basics

    Jon & Oksana teach you the basics of the Merengue. This is a great class for those who are just starting out with dance, easy to follow with or without a partner! Beginner - Level 1 

  • TRAILER: Nick Baga - Classic Hip Hop Grooves

    Get ready to groove real smooth with Nick Baga! This is the ultimate feel good class, that will give you some FUNdamental moves you can use at your next party...even if it's in your kitchen! Beginner - Level 1

  • TRAILER: Emilio - Power Yoga: Core & Arms

    Emilio is back with a power Yoga flow focusing on your arms and core. The perfect way to start your day, allow Emilio to guide you through this 30 minute class.

  • TRAILER: Julz Tocker - "Eve of Galas" Intro To Quickstep

    Julz breaks down the fundamentals of this fast paced dance slowly so you can get to gliding with speed across any dance floor! This class is broken down into two sections, first the Quickstep fundamentals and second a fun Charleston twist with kicks and flicks! Beginner - Level 1

  • TRAILER: Emma Slater - "Trouble" - Viennese Waltz

    Join Emma on a whimsical journey as you explore the ins and outs of the Viennese Waltz. Soft and elegant, it's a gracious dance that opens up the body, a perfect way to start your day. You'll be gliding around your living room with style and grace.
    Intermediate - Level 3.5

  • TRAILER: Maks & Niels - FUNdamental Fitness

    Maks and Niels put the FUN in FUNdamental Fitness. This low-intensity upper and lower body fitness class focuses on range of motion and activating/working specific muscle groups one at a time. This is a great class to take to prevent any injuries by strengthening core muscle groups. 
    Beginner - A...

  • TRAILER: Maks & Katya - "Vivir La Vida" - Samba

    Maks & Katya have prepared an exciting and fun routine for you! This Samba class is perfect for those who have practiced the basics and want to add on to the fundamentals. An upbeat routine to get you moving and grooving! 
    Beginner to Intermediate - Level 2

  • Jon & Oxana - "Poco Poquito" - Bachata Basics TRAILER

    Bachata is a very popular social dance that's sexy, sensual, and easy to do at any age or level! Jonathan and Oksana will teach you a basic routine that you can do by yourself or with a partner! ūüĒ•
    Beginner - Level 1

  • Sharna - 20 Min Dance HIIT- Tabata TRAILER

    Get ready for a¬†dance workout like no other with¬†Sharna! This full body 20 minute high intensity interval¬†dance workout puts a fun twist on traditional cardio combining dance with muscle toning moves! ūüí™ūüćĎ
    Beginner to Intermediate - Level 2

  • Maks & Katya - Perfecting the Cha Cha Cha - TRAILER

    The perfect fundamental Cha Cha routine for jumping from Level 1 to Level 2! Maks and Katya break down some basic patterns & technique to show ways to dance with or without a partner! Beginner Level 1-2

  • Emily crouch - "Body of Water" - Contemporary - TRAILER

    Emily's contemporary class will focus on achieving fluid movements,¬†continuity, and flow. Let your body & mind float freely... ūüĆÄIntermediate - Level 3

  • TRAILER: Val - "Runaway Train" - Jive Groove

    A fast pace authentic jive routine with kicks, flicks, ball changes, Elvis hip action, quicks, slows, and everything in between. The best part? Val gives you some "dancers choice" options for you to make it your own! 
    Intermediate - Level 3

  • TRAILER: Emma Slater - "What You Do To Me" - Rumba

    An essential Rumba routine to work on your leg, hip, and body action! Improve your technical skills in International Latin with the latin legend herself! Emma will show you how to use the floor and body action to create gooey rotations and sharp movement. Intermediate - Level 4

  • TRAILER: Janaya - "In The Name Of Love" - Jazz Fitness

    Learn some basic Jazz steps in a fun and easy way while getting a cardio dance workout! This fun, upbeat class is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Intermediate - Level 2

  • TRAILER: Julz Tocker - Waltz Fundamental Technique

    The Waltz won't have any secrets for you after you take this class. Julz covers all the fundamental technique of Waltz including posture, frame and footwork! Beginner - Level 1