60 Minutes

60 Minutes

Need a quick workout or dance class? In this playlist, you will find all of our Dance & Fitness classes that are 60 minutes and under! Dance and workout with a variety of Dance & Co teachers even on your busiest days! Are you ready to get started? Hit play! ▶️

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60 Minutes
  • Kiki & Koko - "All Night" Disco - Level 1

    Let's get FUNKY! This Disco combo is beginner friendly, fun, and loose! Get out of your head, forget technique, and groove it out with Kiki & Koko. 🙌🎶
    Beginner - Level 1

  • Rumba Technical Breakdown w/ Val Chmerkovskiy & Peta Murgatroyd - Level 1

    If you're a big fan of dance and love the nitty gritty details, this class is for you. In this technical breakdown, two-time International Latin World Champion, Valentin Chmerkovskiy breaks down the foundations of the Rumba walks and how it affects partnering and connection. Legendary dancer and ...

  • Emilio - Vinyasa Yoga - All levels

    Vinyasa yoga flows focus on smooth transitions between poses. Take some time to breathe deep, reflect, and let go of thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you as we get ready for the new year! 🧘🧘‍♀️
    All levels

  • Emilio - Strength & Endurance Yoga Flow - All Levels

    This power yoga flow is the perfect way to energize you entire being, & strengthen your practice with balancing postures. You will find peace and patience from within as you build your power and endurance. 🧘
    All Levels

  • Maksimum Full Body Fitness #7 - Maks & Taylor

    A fun full-body fitness class that’ll make you feel fit, & free to take on any challenge! Perfect for building muscle, sculpting, toning, and feeling your absolute best! Guaranteed to make you sweat and smile...It’s Maksimum fitness!

  • Val - "Command" Feel Good Rumba - Level 1

    It feels good to feel good and that's what this class is all about! 🤗Val will teach you to develop you style, body & leg action with this soft, sensual, and feel good Rumba. Give yourself and your body the me-time it deserves! 💖
    Beginner - Level 1

  • Val - "Que Pasa Corazon" - Flamenco X Paso Doble Level 3

    Power, passion and precision! 💥🌹🐂 This Paso Doble routine has a Spanish twist with Flamenco flair! No partner necessary. (Pair this class with Maks' Paso Doble Fundamentals for bonus practice)
    Intermediate - Level 3

  • Emma Slater - "Trouble" - Viennese Waltz - Level 3.5

    Join Emma on a whimsical journey as you explore the ins and outs of the Viennese Waltz. Soft and elegant, it's a gracious dance that opens up the body, a perfect way to start your day. You'll be gliding around your living room with style and grace. Level 3.5

  • Kiki & Koko - "Favela Riddim" - Freestyle - Level 4

    This is a fast paced and high energy combo that blends various popular styles, including latin, hip hop, and house. This class is a good way to grow out of your comfort zone, and you'll get a good cardio workout in the process. Practice makes perfect! ✨
    Advanced - Level 4

  • Teresa - Salsa Series Part 2: Body Movement - All Levels

    The next step of this Salsa series is getting the body movement down. Salsa is big on relaxed hip movement. This class will get you working on achieving that natural hip sway and feeling confident in your body. 💃
    Beginner - All Levels

    Music: Pueblo de Palmira- By Extreme Music

  • Teresa - Salsa Series Part 1: Rhythm - All Levels

    Learn the absolute basics of Salsa. Get the steps and motions down, let it become muscle memory, and then advance further on your salsa journey with the rest of this multi-class series on mastering the Salsa. 
    Beginner - All Levels

    El son de Cuba From Sound Epidemic
    Muevete Mami From So...

  • Val - "My Kind Of Girl" - Rumba - Level 2

    A good routine to refresh your Rumba walks, and work on adding the "sexy" aspect of this dance to your styling and technique. Let's add some spice to your Rumba! 🌶
    Beginner - Level 2

    Music: "My kind of girl" - Extreme Music

  • Emilio - Power Yoga Poses - All Levels

    Emilio's Power Yoga class will engage your core and lower body. Power Yoga focuses on building strength, endurance, posture, and balance, while boosting your immune system and improving sleep quality.  All Levels

  • Taylor - Viral Moves - Level 1

    All the viral dance moves you see on tik tok, instagram, and the rest of social media in one class. Taylor breaks down each pattern for you to easily mirror and follow along. Did you just become an influencer? Beginner - Level 1

  • Taylor - "New Dawn" - Commercial Jazz - Level 2.5

    Casting Call! 🎬 Taylor takes you through a dance routine that you would typically do on a LA commercial shoot, don't forget to smile for the camera! 🎥Beginner - Level 2.5

    Music: New Dawn is Rising - Stonekeepers - Sound Epidemic

  • Kateryna - "Rayitos De Sol" - Flamenco X Samba - Level 3

    Take a trip to Spain and then Brazil with Katya's worldly choreography! 🇪🇸🇧🇷 First, we Flamenco to the mesmerizing sounds of a Spanish guitar, then we bounce to the rhythm of the Samba drums at Carnival! 
    Intermediate - Level 3

  • Maks & Peta - "Dark De Triomphe" Rumba - Level 3

    Challenge yourself with this fun & twisty Rumba! Take a few Rumba Fundamental classes and put your hard work to the test with this class! 💃💯Intermediate - Level 3 

    Music: Dark de Triomphe - extreme

  • Emilio - Full Spectrum Yoga - All Levels

    Join Emilio for a full spectrum Yoga session! This flow has a little bit of everything, warm up, stretch, twist, balance, cool-down. This class is perfect for an active rest day to improve your dancing and overall fitness. 🧘
    All Levels

  • Emilio - Balance & Stability Flow - All Levels

     A helpful balance and stability yoga flow. This flow is comprised of long poses designed to build endurance and muscle memory to help further both your yoga and dance journey. Namaste 🧘
    All Levels 

  • Val - Jazzy Foxtrot Rumba - Level 3

    Experimentation is the name of the game with this fun Fusion class! Val teaches you simple steps and shows you how different interpretations can transform choreography. 🪄✨
    Intermediate - Level 3

    Music: "It ain’t easy bein sleazy" - Extreme Music

  • Kateryna - American Rumba Basics - Level 1

    A fun and beginner friendly routine to get comfortable with the movement of the American style Rumba. Kateryna walks you through the basics with a lot of repetition. Let's get into it! 👏
    Beginner - Level 1 

    Song: "Shake" by Earle

  • Teresa - Salsa Series Part 3: Turns - All Levels

    In part 3 of this Salsa series we are covering Turns! Learn how to keep your balance in full body turns, how to master cross body turns, and everything in between! 💃✨
    Beginner - All Levels

  • Kateryna - Rumba Arm Styling - Level 1

    In this class, Kateryna teaches you classic Rumba arm styling as well as a sassier take on ballroom dance style arms! 
    Beginner - Level 1
    Music: When We Dance - Sound Epidemic

  • Maks & Peta - Basic Rumba Routine - Level 1

    Maks & Peta bring you a Level 1 Rumba routine that will have you working on your fundamentals, sweating, and most importantly improving your moves! This is a great routine to come back to regularly.
    Beginner - Level 1

    Song: "Countin Out" by Electro Chill 3